Third Post

Five days from today, the mission team will arrive at Care Village.  The excitement grows each day.  Heather has the nametags  printed, we have extra bags ready to be packed with items for the children, currency has been converted, transportation to the airport has been arranged and most importantly the team is gearing up to shower the children with attention and love.  We will be working in the Care Village School, A La Maison each morning while the rest of the children are at their schools in and around Middelburg.  Afternoons will be spent in structured activities with all of the children – reading, drawing, playing instruments, recreational and board games, singing, and bike riding.  According to Ernie, bicycles that were sent on the December shipping container, along with others that have been donated are being repaired so that we may “enjoy the thrill of the ride with the children.”

While the journey from Saline to Care Village is twenty-three and a half hours, I look forward to having the time to get to know my team members better and I especially look forward to writing next from Care Village about our first days with the children.  I hope that we “Ube nohambo oluphephile!” – this is “have a safe journey” in the Zulu language.