Month: July 2018

Third Post

Five days from today, the mission team will arrive at Care Village.  The excitement grows each day.  Heather has the nametags  printed, we have extra bags ready to be packed with items for the children, currency has been converted, transportation to the airport has been arranged and most importantly the team is gearing up to…
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July 28, 2018 0

Second Post

A third trip to Care Village will take place in August 2018, again sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Saline.  The team will continue the work of the first two teams through tutoring the children in the Care Village School, “A la Maison,” structuring daily recreational and educational activities for the Care Village population…
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July 8, 2018 0

First Post

I know nothing about blogging, except that it is a great way to get information out to folks.  I don’t know if there is blogger etiquette, so please let me know if I step on any toes, specifically yours.  I am finding it difficult to talk about Care Village Outreach without mentioning people who have…
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July 5, 2018 0